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A warm welcome to my business, Sole Rescue – a step in the right direction for good health and balance.

One of my friends made a comment the other day that her feet were always sore. This made me realise something: we tend to neglect or abuse our feet. Yet there are good reasons why we should take care of them. Our feet are our basic foundation. They bear our weight and connect us to the earth’s energy.

Reflexology is the therapy which can help maintain that solid connection to keep us grounded and balance our whole body – and the skill at bringing this about lies in the hands of the reflexologist.

I’m Marlene, founder of Sole Rescue, a fully-qualified and mobile reflexologist based in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Reflexology is all about releasing trapped energy and my approach is to work holistically with you to promote your long-term health and wellbeing, while complementing any conventional medical treatments you may be having.

“Marlene is such a wonderful reflexologist. Her attentive and gentle nature coupled with her solid understanding of the practice meant I felt very comfortable and relaxed; I was astounded that she could detect issues I've had for years.” Ruth, Mindfulness Teacher
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My journey to Reflexology

My journey to becoming a fully-qualified reflexologist has been both professional and geographical! I was brought up in Australia, but moved to England in 1991 to take up the post of Customer Services Manager in the Beauty Salon for Harrods in Knightsbridge, where I was responsible for organising VIP top-to-toe makeovers. (That’s probably where I started to see the benefits of looking after yourself!)

I subsequently held senior positions in the private medical world for the next 20 years. Working with consultants, medical and nursing staff all gave me a great insight when talking to Reflexology clients.

Many of the doctors, consultants and healthcare professionals I’ve worked with recognise Reflexology as an effective complementary therapy to modern medicine.

Having worked in the corporate world for a long time also means that I really understand the pressures and your frustrations! 

I became a reflexologist because I no longer wanted to work in the corporate world. Growing up, I’d wanted to be a nurse – I like caring for people and improving their quality of life – so it was natural that I would turn to a caring therapy such as Reflexology. It just took me a while to get there…

I didn’t pay much attention to my feet until I started studying Reflexology. I had convinced myself that a monthly pedicure was enough, when in fact my feet were badly neglected. In many ways, the state of my feet was a reflection on my life: I didn’t care about myself or my body. This is no longer the case.

Reflexology has become a valuable tool for me. It has become a real asset in my life and the lives of the people I work with. It has helped me value myself and my body more than ever. And I’d like to help you find the same approach to your health. I’ve seen it change lives. It certainly changed mine.

"I have always had massages to help me with my back and neck pains. I decided to try something different and chose reflexology with Marlene, I am now hooked! Even though it's just the feet that are being massaged you get the feeling of an all-over body treatment. I find that the reflexology sessions have eased my back and neck pain for longer than a massage and, as an added bonus, it has helped with my sinusitis!" Lisa, Yoga Teacher
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After treatment, I find that most clients have an enhanced sense of overall wellbeing, as well as an improvement in their condition. I love seeing that change in people.

The great thing about being a reflexologist is that reflexology doesn’t require any tools. All I need are my hands and my skill and I can treat you anywhere at any time. I also get to meet new people all the time. Everyone can benefit from Reflexology, so it appeals to a wide range of people from all backgrounds. I’d love to work more with veterans – in fact, one of the books I read recently (I love reading!) was ‘Wherever You Are: Military Wives; True Stories of Heartbreak, Hope and Love’ – so moving and so uplifting.

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Mobile Reflexology in Hertfordshire

I offer ‘at-home’ Reflexology visits within a 10-mile radius of St Albans. Many of my clients enjoy the benefits of treatment in their own home and by coming to your house, I can ensure that you keep feeling relaxed long after your treatment.

My mobile service is ideal if you’re working in ‘the big smoke’, if you need in-hospital or at-home holistic palliative care, or if you’re elderly or infirm. I can treat you at your workplace or in the comfort of your own home and I am also able to see you at your convenience, rather than mine.

Specialist massage for feet and hands

You are my priority. How you feel is entirely what matters.

In the first instance, I will listen to what you can tell me about your physical and emotional challenges or issues, then I’ll set your treatment according to your needs – eg, whether you need a hand or foot massage, and where you would be most comfortable during your treatment (the massage couch, the reclining chair or just sitting on my comfy sofa).

"I would highly recommend Marlene, it was like talking to a concerned friend which really added extra value to her service. Before even starting the session, she made some accurate observations which became more insightful during the session. I felt in safe hands and her experience really shined through as I felt so much better after the session (both physically & emotionally). Great experience, great environment and will definitely return. Thank you so much!!"
Sawsan, Market Analyst
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My clients describe me as attentive, gentle, positive, a listener, thoughtful, empathetic, down-to-earth and honest. I love helping them relax and get the most out of this amazing therapy.

Some people like to chat while I’m giving them their Reflexology (foot massage); others enjoy an hour of deep relaxation. Or you may prefer to listen to music during your treatment: I’ve had requests from Gyuto Monks of Tibet through to Tina Turner! 😊

Your healing starts here

One of my clients recently said that Reflexology is like a little piece of heaven, soothing both the body and the soul.

It is true – it can leave you deeply relaxed, relieves tension, aids sleep and improves your overall sense of wellbeing – all of which makes you feel great. It is also grounded in ancient history and evidence-based research.

It was first used in Ancient Egypt and introduced to the UK about 60 years ago. It continues to grow in popularity as more and more people enjoy how it restores and maintains their body’s equilibrium and eases issues from stress and insomnia, to more acute and chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, digestive and circulatory problems, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Our feet are our basic foundation, they ground us to the earth and are our connection to its energy, and they are the bearer of all our weight. Maintaining a solid connection with the earth helps to keep us grounded which helps to balance the whole body. It is important to pay close attention to our feet and care for them properly to keep our connection to the earth clear and strong.

How it works

The theory underlying Reflexology is that the organs and systems of the body are connected to reflex points on the feet and hands.

These areas are found on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands, as well as on the tops and sides. By stimulating these areas using a compression technique and a form of specialist massage with my thumbs, fingers and hands, I can create a direct response in a related area of your body, which shifts the blocked energy and starts the healing process.

By understanding anatomy and physiology, and using the foot map (below), I can locate the channels that may be affected. It is my skill in applying massage that acts to clear them.

Click on the illustration for a larger size

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Holistic and complementary

Reflexology is a holistic therapy. So in treating you, I take into account physical and emotional factors that may be affecting your overall wellbeing and design a bespoke treatment plan which works on your whole person not just your symptoms. This encourages your body's own healing processes – physical, mental and emotional – and brings all-round health benefits.

Reflexology is also a complementary therapy to general healthcare and wellbeing. Not surprising, then, that it is being used increasingly in areas such as palliative care, pregnancy and stress reduction. Many of my clients have put up with long-term medical conditions for years, finally turning to complementary therapies such as Reflexology to address issues that can’t be resolved through conventional medicine alone.

To find out more about Reflexology, how it’s helped others and how it can help you, visit the rest of my site or give me a call on 07908 251215. I’d be really happy to answer any questions you have by email, too. Click Here

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How Reflexology can help you

A single session of Reflexology can have an amazing effect on one's wellbeing and deeply enhance physical, emotional and mental health.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and can bring relief from either a painful condition, or from the daily strains and stresses of life.

The former might include:

  • Digestive and circulatory problems
  • Aches and pains in joints, muscles and tendons
  • Post-operative recovery to help decrease pain
  • Gout and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Water retention
  • Fertility and pregnancy-related issues
  • Preparation for and priming of labour

The latter might range from insomnia to stress and emotional issues, and from pre-wedding or exam nerves to more serious anxieties that can make life hard to manage, including panic attacks and depression.

All of these emotional and physical issues prevent us from feeling happy. Reflexology can trigger the healing potential within you, helping to restore your body’s equilibrium and achieve optimal health.

It’s not uncommon, at the end of a course of Reflexology for a specific condition, that clients continue with regular treatments to maintain their health and wellbeing.
"Amazing experience with Marlene SoleRescue today. Never had Reflexology before so wasn't sure what to expect! Really lovely experience. Thank you so much Marlene, for your thoughtful attention. I look forward to finding out more about your craft! Highly recommend you give it a try." Denise, Verulam Radio DJ
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You’re in safe hands

As a former Practice Manager at an eminent fertility clinic on Harley Street, I’ve seen first-hand how complementary therapies can work together with conventional medicine to bring greater and longer-lasting benefits.

Finding the right therapist is crucial. You’ll want to know that I trained to the highest standards, that I’m easily accessible and affordable, and of course, what my clients say.

So you’ll be reassured to know I hold a full Level 3 Diploma from the London School of Reflexology (based at Regent’s University) and trained with Louise Keet – described by the Mail on Sunday as “Britain's leading Reflexology practitioner”.

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Fertility, Pregnancy and Post-natal Reflexology

I’ve also completed specialist training to Diploma level in Fertility, Pregnancy and Post-natal Reflexology click here For example, if you’ve gone over your due date, I may be able to help you, as Reflexology is known to gently and naturally induce labour.

As a mum of two, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to develop my skills in Baby Reflexology, too. Yes, it really does seem to help babies with a number of problems, from restlessness to colic.

Give me a call on 07908 251215 to find out more.

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Finally, I am committed to maintaining the highest clinical and professional standards in my practice and undertake regular professional development as part of this drive for excellence. I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists, which means I am fully insured and work in accordance with their codes of conduct and professional practice. You’ll find my details on their website more info

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Where we meet is your choice... I can treat you at 3 sites in Hertfordshire:

1) The Hertfordshire Clinic, in St Albans more info

2) My treatment room in St Albans (I have a dedicated treatment room in my house, immediately inside the front door, with a downstairs toilet for your convenience)

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3) Perfect Balance Clinic in St. Albans more info

Wherever you are in the St Albans area – or if you’re in London and come by train – I do hope one of the above mentioned locations might suit you. If you do travel by train (St Albans is 20 minutes on the fast line from St Pancras railway station), I’m happy to pick you up from St Albans railway station and take you back after your session – it’s only a 10-minute drive

The next step

I hope my website can help you decide if Reflexology feels right for you at this time and if I’m the right therapist for you. If you are looking for an experienced, caring and intuitive reflexologist in the Hertfordshire area, then give me a call.

Have a read of my FAQ page here and if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or give me a Click Here

I look forward to hearing from you and working together to help you to optimum health.

“I’ve had treatments with Marlene for a few months now, after hearing how amazing she is through a colleague. Her professionalism and empathetic nature (plus her humour!) are additional qualities to her excellent and intuitive therapy. I feel so much more balanced and ready to face the world when I’ve seen her.” Alison, RGN Nurse
You can read another testimonial here

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